Vancouver’s Industrial Concierge

Supporting Space Sharing Among Industrial Startups

The City’s capacity to accommodate light industrial uses is shrinking; industrial land values, lease rates and property taxes are rising; and demand for industrial space is at an all time high. The Concierge Service is designed to activate underutilized industrial space to help save money, share resources, and increase opportunities for collaboration.

Industrial Space by the Numbers

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Introducing the Industrial Concierge Service

The Industrial Concierge Service is addressing industrial space challenges in Vancouver by activating underutilized industrial spaces and simplifying the space sharing process for industrial operators.


Identify Underutilized Spaces
Spaces in a functioning facility, spaces that need significant retrofits and spaces that don’t match the size or characteristics of demand.


Find Complementary Businesses
Through our partners at Spacelist, our network of businesses, BIA’s and industry associations and industrial research.


Make Some Matches
Matches made on basis of space needs, opportunities for collaboration and resource sharing, timing, and desires of landowners.


Facilitate Space Sharing
Assist with space design, retrofits, permitting and governance to enable businesses to share space, equipment and resources.

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Current Industrial Land Projects


Activate the DTES and the Flats

Industrial land is dwindling; industrial businesses are displaced. Yet, industrial land is underused. The Activate Program identifies underused spaces – in the Flats, DTES and other industrially zoned areas – with the potential to be transformed into affordable spaces suitable for those businesses at risk of being displaced. The objective is to provide relief to the social enterprises and entrepreneurs that contribute to the City’s economic, social, cultural and environmental goals, while giving them a place to launch and test their creative projects or businesses. The program aims to do this by helping landowners, businesses and City staff work collaboratively to retrofit, permit and fund affordable space projects.

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Available Industrial Spaces in Vancouver

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Industrial Insights | Vancouver 2018

Published: June 27, 2018
Author: Pietra Basilij
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